Should Baker Hughes, a GE company, restrict itself to the Oil and Gas sector, even in the era of IIoT?

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Jun 27, 2019 7:25:06 PM

As per MarketsandMarkets’ analysis, based on its existing studies available on MarketsandMarkets™ Knowledge Store, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and predictive maintenance are the top technologies (refer to Figure 1) that have the potential to change the future revenue mix of Baker Hughes (BHGE), a GE company. It is also evident from the recent joint venture agreement between BHGE and, a California-based AI company.

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Salesforce Acquisition of Tableau Can Spike Its Revenue, Provided It Prepares for Its Clients’ Revenue Shift

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Jun 12, 2019 5:47:43 PM

Future revenue mix of most of the global companies is going to change soon. One of the major driving factors would be the revenue shift of the clients that will push them to adopt innovative solutions relevant to the constantly evolving requirements. Companies who are preparing for their clients’ future revenue shift will ride the tide, while others might find it challenging to sustain. Salesforce has taken a similar strategic initiative to acquire Tableau recently, which might be primarily driven by future revenue shift of its clients.

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Qlik Collaborates with DataRobot for Leveraging Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Mar 20, 2019 7:18:49 PM

Qlik, a major provider of analytics and business intelligence solutions, has recently announced a partnership with DataRobot, an AI-based predictive solution provider, to implement technological advancements in predictive modeling. The collaboration would integrate machine learning (ML) capabilities of DataRobot directly into Qlik workflow solutions. The integration would enable business users to gain deeper insights from current and historical data for better predictions and informed decision-making.

MarketsandMarkets™ View Point:

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Omantel Launches International Wholesale Unit for Ultra-low Latency Networking (ULTN) Services

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Mar 13, 2019 1:31:38 PM

On 8th March 2019; Omantel, a market leader in ultra-low latency networking (ULTN), has launched an international wholesale company, Omantel International (OTI). OTI is managing Omantel’s international voice business and supports partners and customers in accessing new and existing solutions. Capitalizing on Oman’s unique geographic position, Omantel will offer ULTN services to various communication hubs in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe catalyzing the Digital Transformation globally.

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Daimler launches eXtollo: A Microsoft Azure-based platform for data-driven innovation

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Mar 1, 2019 5:17:43 PM

Daimler announced that it had partnered with Microsoft to successfully move its on-premises big data platform to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The new platform “eXtollo” will be Daimler’s first major service to run on the cloud.

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Banco Santander S.A. has Signed a Five-year Global Technology Agreement with IBM for the Faster and Deeper Digital Transformation of its Business Processes

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Feb 20, 2019 5:40:07 PM

Banco Santander S.A. has signed a five-year global technology agreement with IBM for the faster and deeper digital transformation of its business processes.

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Airbus to Take Major Step Forward in Digital Transformation in Collaboration with Dassault Systèmes

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Feb 19, 2019 4:43:41 PM

In February 2019, Airbus and Dassault Systèmes (Paris) signed a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to work together on 3D design, engineering, manufacturing, simulation, and intelligence applications. This will enable Airbus to take a major step towards digital transformation and create a base for a new European industrial ecosystem in aviation.

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Microsoft Acquires AI Startup Lobe to Provide Easy Access to AI Development Capabilities

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Feb 8, 2019 3:31:44 PM

AI giant, Microsoft (Washington, US) recently acquired the California-based, AI startup, Lobe Artificial Intelligence, Inc. With the increasing integration of AI technologies within various application across major industry verticals, there is rising demand for effective ways that will help users to integrate AI capabilities easily and effectively. This acquisition would enable Microsoft to strengthen its imperatives of putting simple and effective AI development into the hands of non-engineers and non-experts.

Lobe, a startup focusing on providing an easy-to-use visual tool that allows developers to build custom deep learning models, which would help in providing quick training to the models/algorithm and export it to app without writing any code. Lobe’s simple visual user interface enables users to effortlessly create intelligent apps that can understand hand gestures, hear music, read handwriting, and more.
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IBM Partners with Juniper Networks to Expand Its Reach in the Cloud Market

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Jan 31, 2019 2:31:59 PM

IBM has entered into an agreement with Juniper Networks (Juniper), a global leader in network technology, to strengthen its cloud portfolio. In January 2019, the global IT behemoth has announced a USD 325-million deal with Juniper to assist in managing application, infrastructure, and IT services. As part of the 7-year deal, IBM will use its IBM Services Platform with Watson to help manage Juniper’s support systems including data centers, help desks, and data and voice networks.

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Check Point Buys Cybersecurity Startup ForceNock to Boost API Protection

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Jan 18, 2019 4:42:22 PM

Cybersecurity pioneer, Check Point Software (California, US) recently acquired the Israel-based, web application security startup, ForceNock Security Ltd. There is growing usage of platforms built on cloud, network, mobile, endpoint, and IoT and they require compatible and easily accessible solutions that can run on any platform. This acquisition would enable Check Point to provide high-end security to its customers and strengthen its machine learning protection capabilities.

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