Daimler launches eXtollo: A Microsoft Azure-based platform for data-driven innovation

Daimler announced that it had partnered with Microsoft to successfully move its on-premises big data platform to Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The new platform “eXtollo” will be Daimler’s first major service to run on the cloud.

MarketsandMarkets™ Viewpoint:

According to Tanay Tilak, Team Lead, ICT Practice at MarketsandMarkets™ – Digital revolution across the globe are driving organizations to put more emphasize on cloud-based technologies to reduce operational expenditures and improve scalability. As enterprises across industries are becoming more competitive, industries have witnessed a paradigm shift in terms of technology used by these enterprises. Daimler AG, one of the most prestigious companies in innovative mobility, has recently faced an issue with its on-premises data platform as it lacks in both flexibility and scalability. To address the issue, Daimler entered into a partnership with Microsoft to develop a cloud-based platform called “eXtollo” for big data and advanced analytics. eXtollo uses Microsoft’s Azure key vault to secure its data with encryption keys and secrets, including passwords and certificates. The platform will now serve Daimler’s internal business units, including its production, research and marketing, around the world.

Daimler followed a step-by-step approach while implementing eXtoll in its big data infrastructure. In January 2018, the company announced a plan of having a cloud-based platform in a workshop with Microsoft and following which it went live in April 2018. Europe was the first region to implement eXtollo on its infrastructure followed by America and Asia in the same year.


Daimler is more stringent with strict security policies and very conscious in processing confidential data. As a result, the company was very reluctant in using a cloud-based platform as it may result into data breaches. Daimler’s partnership with Microsoft to develop a cloud-based platform not only has transformed its on-premises traditional big data infrastructure but also enhances its capabilities to calculate large volumes of confidential data. Additionally, the services of Azure Key Vault with Azure Active Directory have provided an edge to Daimler with the highest standard of security.


Impact on top Competitors:

The partnership with Microsoft has provided an edge to Daimler for analysing its data in a secured and systematic way over its peers. Volkswagen, one of the largest competitors of Daimler, has also partnered with Microsoft to develop “Volkswagen automotive cloud” with big data features.


The use of cloud-based technologies has expanded in many new areas. As a result, its relevance has increased in today’s business arena. The availability of cloud-based solutions can help organizations with revolutionized technologies and remove legacy barriers. Partnerships, acquisitions, and new product developments are some of the key strategies put on by enterprises to win in the cloud-based technology race. The partnership of Daimler and Microsoft makes a strong case for organizations to opt their preferred technology partner in the cloud-based environment.

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