Smith & Nephew completes acquisition of Atracsys Sàrl, a Swiss Optical tracking technology provider

Smith & Nephew has been a major player in orthopedics & sports medicine. They pioneered advanced wound care products. However, evolving market trends relating to revenue sources of its clients (i.e. hospitals, trauma centers, & orthopedic clinics) as well as changing healthcare dynamics has provided them with unique opportunity to expand into adjacent market segments such as integrated healthcare solutions and digital surgical platforms. Leveraging their core competency in assisting hospitals/other providers to offer effective surgical outcomes coupled with their unique product portfolio; Smith & Nephew is looking to effectively harness the market potential of integrated and digital health solutions by strategic acquisition of start-ups/emerging players with novel technologies such as Atracsys sarl (July 2019) and BrainLab (June 2019).


Anurag Khirwal, Associate Manager – Healthcare at MarketsandMarkets™ quotes “Considering the incremental revenue potential healthcare providers are poised to witness through digital platforms & adoption of integrated healthcare solutions; Smith & Nephew can further strengthen its industry positioning by expanded technological capabilities through such strategic acquisitions.”smith&Nephew-emerging-revenue-sources



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