Reliance Jio to Enter AR/MR Market

Recently, at its 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM), Reliance Jio, announced the launch of HoloBoard, a mixed reality headset blended with augmented reality. The company also released a 4K-supported Jio set-top box that will offer an immersive experience in education, shopping, entertainment, and gaming.

The company acquired a majority stake in a Mumbai-based VR start-up company known as Tesseract, which has developed this device with a handheld controller. The company showcased 3 use cases, namely, MR shopping, MR education, and MR entertainment at the launch. The use case of shopping will help buyers to virtually try on clothes, on a 3D model of themselves, at clothing outlets.

The use case pertaining to education showcased a virtual replica of the solar system, which can be used to trace the path of a spacecraft traveling to the Moon from the Earth. The third use case in the entertainment application revealed an experience for viewing media with virtual screens available in sizes of home TV screens to commercial theater screens.

MarketsandMarkets™ Viewpoint

Abhijit Ankalkote – Senior Research Analyst, Electronics & Semiconductor sector at MarketsandMarkets™, shares his views

The growth of the AR, VR, and MR technology-based headsets have been accelerated with new offerings from Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Google, Lenovo, and many other smaller vendors, mostly from China. The trend of these wireless headsets has been pushed by mainstream computer companies that are also leveraging AR, MR, and VR. Major AR and VR companies have been partnering with the telecom giants to ensure the availability of high bandwidth required for these technologies. Jio, itself being an India-based telecom giant, is all set to launch JioFiber next month, which will be able to provide high-speed broadband with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. This will help the AR and MR market to grow exponentially in APAC, especially in India.

Impact of Product Launch

This product launch will provide ample opportunities for content creators in India’s online gaming industry. Jio’s set-top box will be compatible with all gaming controllers. Further, Jio’s partnership with companies such as Tencent Games and Microsoft will bring in more games in the future and provide zero-latency gaming with its set-top box. Thus, with the help of Jio’s HoloBoard, customers will get access to various AR and MR experiences, such as shopping, gaming, and education at zero latency with JioFiber network.

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MR and AR are exciting and would not only transcend gaming but also improve human life in all its facets. Beyond shopping, entertainment, and education, it possesses the potential to connect workforces and teams at virtual offices. In the pursuit of getting “smarter” day by day, the enterprise sector is expected to be the top adopter of these technologies in the next 5 years, along with the consumer sector for gaming and entertainment applications. The entry of Reliance in the mixed reality and augmented reality market is set to boost the Indian market for AR and MR, along with the expected digital transformation in the Indian businesses and high adoption of advanced technologies in the education sector.

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