Just Vertical, A Vertical Farming Equipment Manufacturer, Announced its Agreement with Nextech’s Aritize

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Apr 29, 2019 5:46:31 PM

Just Vertical (Canada), a manufacturer of home-based hydroponic farming solutions, announced its agreement with NexTech’s Aritize (Canada) on the 23rd of April 2019. Just Vertical manufactures hydroponic farming units which are integrated into home furniture to minimize space requirements for farming while also seeking to maximize farming functions in a residential environment. It provides a home-based growing solution with pods, seeds, lights, and the necessary rail systems that are integrated into a single product. The partnership with NexTech’s Aritize is expected to overhaul Just Vertical’s existing infrastructure and provide augmented reality support to its website to help consumers analyze the product in a virtual space in their homes.

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Topics: Agriculture Industry, hydroponics

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