Digital Sealing – Future of Automotive Paints

Posted by MarketsandMarkets on Oct 14, 2019 6:10:19 PM

In a recent development, Audi, a German luxury automobile manufacturer, tested a new automated method of body sealing known as digital sealing at the Gyor paint shop in Hungary. Post the paint process, a final paint finish is applied using a robot-guided applicator. This robot deposits ultra-fine droplets of paste-like sealing material in areas such as weld seams. The material is of uniform composition and quality. Before the application of this sealing, the machine is preset for optimal thickness and width of material to be applied. Digital sealing not only reduces the overall weight of the paints used but also reduces wastage and time taken during the paint process.

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Topics: Automotive and Transportation, Digital Sealing, Automotive Paints

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